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Welcome to the University of Baguio's Career Opportunities page. Take a look at potential career options from us, our industry partners, and our alumni. Follow us on Facebook for even more updates on job openings, events, programs, and so much more!
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Career Opportunities

The University of Baguio, its alumni, and its many partners are prepped to give any UBians a chance to start a professional career with them. Check out these opportunities to join their team and find out more about a possible career path for you. 

Come join UB’s growing team of professionals, enjoy the benefits of being a part of UB’s exceptional workforce and grow as a professional in one of the country’s top performing educational institutions.

The University of Baguio has plenty of partners in various industries to help its students develop professionally while still at UB, they also provide career opportunities to any interested UBians. 

Some UB alumni go on to start businesses of their own, the university partners with them to help them grow and expand their reach. Check out job opportunities from our alumni and join their growing business ventures. 

Submit your job openings

For any industry partner or UB alumni interested in submitting a job opening for your business/office/service, feel free to visit the University of Baguio’s Linkages office for more details.